The REBF Innovation Overview for Construction & Real Estate is a list of all companies we know that are active in order to create a better built environment. The REBF Innovation Overview is completely free for both the solutions as well as for people wanting to find solutions. 

If you have a great solution and you are not in this list yet, please apply here:
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How to use this Overview?
This overview is meant for the Dutch market.

For Construction and Real Estate professionals:
If you are a real estate professional looking for innovations, please use this website as often as you like. Our company can help you making better decisions as we know nearly almost very company in person. For larger corporate real estate companies we organize challenges but we also organize events where we bring only the best solutions to your company. Please contact us via info@rebf.nl to get more information about how we can help you. 

For solutions:
In a lot of different fields we are looking for scalable opportunities. We have made 4 mayor categories:
1 Develop + Build
2 Invest + Market
3 Manage + Operate
4 Community